When I decided to teach, about 9 years ago now, little did I know that I would fall in love at the beginning of every school year and cry happy tears at the end. It has been an awesome journey! I have made so many friends (big and little!) and learned a lot. Teaching the little friends has been very rewarding and each Kilgore Cub has a special place in my heart. I truly hope that they take a piece of me with them into their future because I have a piece of each of them in my heart. 

I am blessed to have been able to teach my big friends as well! Ü Helping the teachers at CES the past 3 years with their technical issues or training them on classroom technologies has been a passion that I pursued outside of my classroom.

With that being said, I am happy to announce that I will be able to help teachers full-time starting this Fall. I am the new District Instructional Technologist for Commerce ISD! I will be in every classroom in the district working with teachers to utilize the awesome technology that we a so blessed with! So, this isn't "good bye" to any of my prior students, this is "see you in the hallways!" or "see you in your classroom!"  I'm very excited for this new adventure to begin. My heart is teaching, I just get to spread my love out over the whole district! <3

Miss Brittany is spoiling Tuck and Pancake! Mrs. Henson gave her a larger tank for the turtles and I know that they are loving the extra room! 

Today, Keaton popped the #15 balloon and today we get to...

Yesterday, Kiera popped the #17 balloon and we got to be crafty and make cards for our favorite CES teachers!

Guess who their favorite is? Not me! Lol! No, I told them to choose a different teacher. They had fun creating and delivering them!

Kimberly popped the #17 balloon for us yesterday. It said that we were going to become artists for the day! Unfortunately, out end of year reading test took longer than expected so we waited until today. It was worth it! The cubs got to use tempra paint to decorate their end of year portfolio folder. They had a blast!

By the way, sorry moms for the messy clothes! A little spray and wash and a good soak will get it out! I was a casualty myself and am soaking my pants as I type! Ü

This Week
Reading/Language Arts: Letter: Yy and Qq
Sight Words: where, come, now, new
Math: Measurement: Weight
Science: Physical Characteristics of Organisms

Next Week
Reading/Language Arts: Letter: Vowels
Science: Bugs

Classroom Notes
Homework: Sunshine Math will continue the next 2 weeks but there won't be any more reading homework.

The cap and gown picture packs are coming home today. They are NOT free. If you do not want to buy any of them, please return the packet. You can buy them all or one sheet...the pricing options are enclosed in the picture packet.

All BoxTop submissions are due next Friday! We want to win the pizza party this year! :)

Snack Reminder
Monday - Emma-John (already provided)
Tuesday - Evan
Wednesday - Greenlee
Thursday - Jasmine
Friday - Joshua

Dates to Remember
May 14th - End of Year Math Test
May 21st - End of Year Reading Test
May 30th - Kindergarten Circus - 9am in the Cafeteria
May 31st - Kindergarten Picnic
June 5th - Field Day - in the afternoon
June 6th - Last Day of School - Early Release