Wow, it feels like this summer is ZoOmInG by! I have been busy with the kids and leave for vacation today. Woo Hoo! I am hoping for a boring July so that I can get some things accomplished before I go back to school in August. But, I have been busy on the things that really can wait. . .I designed a button for you to grab! Put it on your blog today. :)

Test #2! Blogging via email!

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Test! Blogging via text message!

So Al Shipp, our AwEsOmE technology director, told me that he was going to be checking my blog DAILY this summer and that he expects to see progress...


I think that I have added as much as I am going to for now, but I do plan to build another one and record my steps to share with my peeps in CISD! How is that Al?!

I hope that everyone has a restful and productive summer vacation!

Just playing with this Blog and getting ready for the next school year. That is sad since my last day of this school year is TOMORROW. Yes, I know that I have issues...
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