Class List

Special Class Schedule
Monday - P.E
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Guidance
Thursday - P.E.
Friday - P.E. & Music
Take Home Items
Folders will go home every day. The middle section includes my C.U.B. (Communication Unbelievably Better) Log. This communication log is truly designed to open lines of communication between home and school, so feel free to write notes to me, as I will be checking it daily.
Library day is on Tuesday.  Kindergarten students will be able to check out books beginning the 2nd 6 weeks.  If your child wants to check out a new book, they must bring their library book on this day.
Homework will go home on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  These short activities are for you to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.  I am a believer in reading to your child on a daily basis.  I encourage you to make it your family habit to read each night before bed for about 15-20 minutes.  Research has shown that children who are read to by an adult have better comprehension skills, vocabulary and better reading skills. 

Each child will have a snack day once a month.  The snack calendar is handed out once a month and I put a reminder in the newsletter each week.   Please bring snack for the class. We have 22 students.

Snacks must have nutritional value.  We are not allowed to serve hard candy, popsicles, marshmallows, etc. 

The following information is from the CES Student Handbook:

Effective August 1, 2004 the Texas Department of Agriculture issued the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy creating new nutrition guidelines for public schools participating in the federally funded Child Nutrition Programs.

Schools may not provide FMNV’s to students at any time during the school day.  These include any carbonated beverage, water ices, chewing gum, and certain candies.  The only food that may be made available to elementary school students on campus during the school day, at times other than meal periods, is a nutritional classroom snack allowed by the policy.  Foods otherwise restricted are allowed on three days during the school year.  These dates are Winter Holiday Party, Valentines Party, and 100’s Day celebrations.  Parents may send cupcakes for a child’s birthday.  Cupcakes are not to be provided for snacks at any other time.

Elementary classrooms may serve one nutritious snack per day in the morning or afternoon (not during lunchtime) under the teachers guidance.  Recommended healthy snacks include:
  • Fruit juices, fruit smoothies. Milk (non-fat or low fat, plain or flavored)
  • Low fat grain food: pretzels, animal crackers, graham crackers, wheat crackers, whole wheat muffins, rice cakes, baked tortilla chips, fruit or grain muffin, dry cereal, bagel, fig bars, vanilla wafers
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Raw vegetables
  • Fruit snacks, fruit pico, fruit grain bars, frozen fruit bars
  • Fat-free popcorn
  • Low fat string cheese
  • Fruit, nut and/or grain trail mix
 Ice Cream
Students will be able to start buying ice cream on Friday, October 12th.  Ice cream is $.75. Money should be labeled and given to Mrs. Pickle in the morning before children come to the classroom.  She will not take it during lunch. If your child has a balance that is due on their lunch account, all ice cream money will go towards that balance and your child will not receive ice cream.  Please make sure you check your Skyward Family Access account ( for any lunch dues.

We are not allowed to have birthday parties, however, you can send a special snack for their birthday.  Cupcakes are the only special snack allowed for birthdays.  Please, no sheet cakes or cookies. I am not allowed to hand out birthday invitations unless EVERY student in the classroom gets one. If there are not 21, I will send them back home. Also, I cannot hand them out to students in other classes.

Leaving School
If your child is going home a different way I must have a note from you or you may call the office before 2:30 and they will let me know.  If your child does not have a note or notice from the office, your child will be sent home the regular way.

Morning Routine
The children are to wait in the cafeteria until 7:45 for morning assembly.  The first few minutes of school are spent eating breakfast, taking attendance, and doing lunch count, it is very helpful when everyone is on time.

In October, I will conduct the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) on your child to learn their abilities at the beginning of the school year.  This same test will be given in January and at the end of the school year to see the amount of growth they have made throughout the year.  Each day I will conduct informal assessments to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each child. 

Classroom Management
During the first half of the first six weeks, we will spend a great deal of time helping our students make good choices and find success in the school setting by following rules and demonstrating good social skills.  After this period of time, we will work to build on and individualize this system so the students are able to identify both their strengths and areas of concern. I will meet with each of the students individually to set one or two behavioral goals for the six weeks.  Rather than monitoring a clip system or color change system, students will monitor their own behaviors (with help from me) and they will learn to recognize the behavior, discuss and practice the correct behavior and ideally, fix the behavior.

Although you will not receive a daily “smiley face” or “color”, please assume your child is working well towards mastering his or her goal.  If any behavior concerns arise, I will either contact you in the C.U.B. Log, e-mail or via phone.

If I feel that there are either academic, developmental of behavioral concerns that we need to discuss, you will be receiving notice from me to sign up for a conference time within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, if you need to meet with me about any concerns you might have please feel free to contact me during my daily scheduled conference time or after school.

Teacher Conference Times
Monday -  12:30-1:15
Tuesday - 12:55-1:40
Thursday - 12:30-1:15
Friday - 9:10-10:35