Not only am I cleaning out and organizing my classroom, but I am doing the same with all of my blogs. You may only subscribe to this one, but I now am authoring 4 different blogs. Yesterday, I added, removed and moved around gadgets and posted on all of my blogs. To those faithful readers, do you see the changes that I made on this one?

(Pause for a minute to check it out...)

The right side has a lot less "stuff" and I added a cool Facebook "like" gadget. On the left side, I added a "Follow me on Pinterest" tag and I added pages to my blog. I learned about pages this year (but had little time to add them) and I love the idea of having a few places to add "static" information similar to a webpage. I added the following pages:

  • 2012-2013 Class Information - I plan to use this page for my contact information, class schedule, class list, etc.
  • Professional Biography / Philosophy of Teaching - When I was awarded "Teacher of the Year" on my campus, I had to write both of these essays for the district competition. I worked very hard on them and poured out my heart on soul on those pages. I want to share a little bit of me with you.
  • Commerce ISD - This is a link to the main page of the Commerce ISD website.
I will probably think of more pages, (heck, I have a few ideas brewing already) but this is what I have for now. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Yes, I admit it. I am not a neat organizer. I must take everything out and only put it back in if it's worthy. What remains goes bye-bye. See my upside down table of storage containers and baskets? Wow! It's okay, room 124 will be in tip-top shape by August 20. *fingers crossed*

Not really, I just stopped by today to drop off a few things I worked on at home and MY ROOM IS READY! Look at the SHINE on that floor! No, really...look hard because it won't last too long once I start scooting furniture and walking hundreds of miles around that room until it is PeRfEcT!

My kids were with me and they "allowed" me to move my main pieces of furniture to their homes. Ahhh, that's better!

Now, I have find some days in my calendar when I can bring at MOST only one kid with me to work in my room. 20 minutes together in my classroom and I was going BoNkErS! Why is it that I can control 22 Kindergartners in that classroom but my 8 year old and 4 year old work my last nerve? Maybe my own children need to sit in on my first day of rules and procedures! Ü

Hello Cubs! I have had a great summer so far and I pray that you have too! Today, I got to teach some teachers about how we used the iPads in our classroom last year. It was very exciting! However, it made me miss you guys very much!

I taught the workshop with Henry's dad and he mentioned that Henry was wondering how Tuck and Pancake were doing. Well, Henry, this picture is for you! They are both doing great! Be sure and come say "HI" to them at Meet the Teacher night in August.

How are my Cubs? What have you been up to? Please have your parents leave a comment and let me know how you are...I miss you!

(On a side note, I do get to catch up with some of you on occasion and I have some sad news. Our friend Karol is moving and leaving Commerce. We wish her dad the best of luck in his new job at SMU and we will miss her smiling face in the halls of CES!)