Thanks to Marlana at Lil' Country Kindergarten for sharing this article! I will be sharing this with my parents at Back to School night!

What Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew |

Mrs. Kilgore's Cubs will DeFiNiTeLy be finding some friends to Skype with this year! Any help finding people out of the country would be awesome! I have a friend in Hawaii...but I think that is as far as my contacts reach! Click on the picture below to check out what Mrs. M does in her classroom...

I just added a cool Wibiya gadget to my blog!  It is that bar at the bottom of the page...
Check it out!

Yay! I was picked to help Mrs. Parker over at Learning with Mrs. Parker with an alphabet activity! Check her blog out below! Only problem, I am now Mrs. Kilgorn... :/

Mrs. Kilgorn

Learning With Mrs. Parker: Teaching the Alphabet List of Participants: "Thank you for the overwhelming response! I am so excited! After sifting through 6 pages of comments, I think I have everyone signed up. ..."

Mrs. Parker over at Learning with Mrs. Parker has an awesome collaberation idea! Check it out at:

Our reading program also has us covering a letter a day for the first 6 weeks.  With her plan, we can all help eachother rock the first of school with engaging, fun activities! Thanks Mrs. Parker!

WoW! This is the reason why I love being a teacher in Commerce ISD, why I love using the latest technology in my classroom and why I love showing other teachers how to use this technology!

The AwEsOmE Mrs. Magee is having a giveaway since she now has 300 followers! (Impressive compared to my 2 loyal followers!) Check her out at

I found a cool new flipchart idea for our Promethean Board at:
I haven't decided exactly how the kids will earn a chance to play.  Homework completion, behaviorally related, MY choice, all 3?! I like the idea of having the game open during morning work and letting the kids who completed their homework roll the dice and have the chance to earn a small reward. I also like the idea of it being semi-hands off for me. Suggestions? Please comment below!