What a CrAzY week we had before Spring Break! Preparing for Open House was exhausting for both the Cubs and I! We learned about our GrEaT state of Texas and I am SuPeR proud of their work! Here is what we did:

 We water colored cowboy boots and wrote about them. "These Boots are Made For..."

 I am SuPeR proud of the Tall Texans the Cubs created this year! However, I am BLOWN AWAY by their writing! They have made so much progress this year.

Our hallway bulletin board with "Wanted" friendship posters and cactus crafts. AwEsOmE work!

Besides studying about Texas, you just KNOW that I had to work in some Dr. Seuss too! His birthday just happens to be March 2nd (Texas Independence Day) so it is difficult to work in everything that I want to do this time of year. However, we did get to read many Seuss books in the classroom and library (Thanks Mrs. Tittle!) and also watch some of them being read on the iPads. We chose our favorite book and illustrated a scene from the book on a balloon for our hallway display.

Also during the week, The Tooth Fairy came to talk to use about dental health...

 ...Mrs. Bland (and her hubby Don) brought her horse Riata to school for us to learn more about the western culture. I was amazed at how much the cubs already knew about horses and tack. I got to wear the chaps...YEE HAW MRS. KILGORE!...

 ...we had our 4th 6 weeks awards ceremony...

 ...and Mrs. Embro had her last day in our classroom. She will be missed and never forgotten! Look at the AdOrAbLe sign she bought me for my room!

As you can see, we had a very busy but productive week before Spring Break. I now feel rested, recharged and ready for the last 2 months of school! I also feel a little bit older. Oh yeah! That's because I turned 33 over the break. Hey, you are only as old as you feel (or in my case, you are only as old as you ACT! lol!) and 33 is another year that I am blessed to be a teacher.

I hope everyone had a "lucky" St. Patty's Day too!



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