This Week 
Reading/Language Arts: Letter Ss

Sight Words: have, is, help
Math: Relative Position and Patterns
Science: Using the Senses to Explore Heat

Next Week 
Reading/Language Arts: Letter Pp
Sight Words: in, it, my, we, like
Math: Patterns
Science: Magnets

Classroom Notes 

  • Thanks to the parents of Greenlee, Emma-John, Joshua, Jeremiah, Evan, Tripp and Derek for either helping or providing a pumpkin for our Pumpkin Math Activities this afternoon! We had SO much fun!
  • On Friday, October 26th, from Noon-2 (NEW TIME!) we will have a special Pumpkin Math event here in the classroom! Thanks to the parents of Jasmine, Evan, Greenlee, Joshua, Derek and Tripp for volunteering their time, a large pumpkin and a knife to help us. (Emma-John's mom even brought us a pumpkin to use!)
  • On Halloween, we will visit the Kadee Farms Pumpkin Patch in Greenville. ALL FORMS AND MONEY WERE DUE TODAY.
Snack Reminder 
Monday: Matt
Tuesday: Michael
Wednesday: Sonya
Thursday: Tripp
Friday: Rubi

A HUGE thanks to Jeremiah, Joshua, Keaton, and Kiera  for snack this week!

Dates to Remember

Oct. 31 - Pumpkin Patch at Kadee Farms in Greenville
Nov. 5-9 - CES Book Fair in the Library
Nov. 5 - 50th Day of School (Alternative Dress allowed)
Nov. 8 - Reading and Writing Family Night
Nov. 16 - End of 2nd Six Weeks
Nov. 19-23 - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL


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