Thanks to all of the parents and Cubs who came to open house last Tuesday night! I love the excitement that the kids have over showing off their hard work and their classroom! Here are some highlights:

In science, we have been talking about the moon and stars. We made our own constellations and hung them on the ceiling.

Then, we used prepositional phrases (Language Arts lesson) to describe where our shooting stars went around the moon.

Also in Language Arts, we are reading expository (or real life) text. We read a few books about Texas and studied a few of the main facts. Using these facts we learned, we authored and illustrated a fact book about Texas. Another topic we learned about was the job and tools of the cowboy and cowgirl. After reading a few books on the topic, we wrote about a tool that they use and what the tool is used for. Finally, we learned how to draw ourselves a cowpoke!


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