This has been a CrAzY but fun week here in Kindergarten!  On Monday, we read the book How The Grinch Stole Christmas, watched the cartoon movie version and then compared them.  We then got to make our own craft version of the Grinch. Our outside bulletin board is Grinchtastic!

On Tuesday, we learned about the Jewish holiday celebration Hanukkah. There are eight nights of celebrating and each night a candle is lit on the Menorah. The Jewish children play the dreidel game. We made our own dreidels out of milk cartons and played the game with M&Ms.

On Wednesday, we wrote letters to Santa Claus and mailed them. 

 I sure hope Santa gets them! (check your mailbox tomorrow Santa! hehe!)

Today is Polar Express day! I handed out tickets for the train ride before we began the journey.  During the movie, I punched the tickets as the conductor did and served hot chocolate to the song in the movie.  The kids thought is was fabulous!

 Have I mentioned lately that I LoVe my job?

And to top off, I received the following
delivery confirmation today:
Our iPads are in! Woo Hoo! Guess what I am doing during the break?! Yep! Getting them all set up for January!

On a side note, I will not be sending folders home again until after the holiday.

With Love,


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