Feliz Navidad!
(Merry Christmas in Spanish)

Today we flew to Mexico (it didn't take long) and we learned about Christmas traditions in Mexico! We learned the song Feliz Navidad...see our performance here:

We learned about the Christmas flower, the Poinsettia, which originates in Mexico. The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie DePaola provided a beautiful story about the flower. Check out the story here:

We recreated the flower in our centers today. First, we cut, cut and cut some more...

Viola! A classroom full of la Flor de Nochebuena! (the Flower of the Holy Night)
Monday, the Netherlands...


  1. LOL! I love the video of Feliz Navidad!! Seth is so funny - He looks like he is being tortured!! =)

  1. Feliz Navidadad song was sooooo funny! I was in tears! Tooo cute! And the poinsettia was BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU!

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