It's the 2nd day of Kindergarten and you are busy teaching procedures like how to walk in the hallway and how to sit in the cafeteria. What is the next logical procedure to learn? Well, in my class, it's how to work the iPads! We learned how to handle the iPads and basic maneuvering of the device. These digital natives had it down in no time and were masters in just 30 minutes. I am excited to see what we are going to do with them this year!


  1. That is awesome that you have them in your room.. did the school provide them for you? I wanted to use my personal one in the classroom but I cant use it if I need to use the internet. Do you have any good letter apps and sound app? or writing letters?

  1. Our school has a cart of 24 iPads that we can check out for whole group use. Personally, I have 10 iPads in my classroom that I wrote a grant for. Since I wanted to discuss proper iPad use and let them have some "free exploration" time, I checked out the iPad cart.

    I love "Letter School" for writing letters. It is very interactive, fun and teaches proper letter formation.

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