I am still giddy from the excitement of Meet the Teacher last night! 16 of my 21 Cubs came to meet me and I can already tell that it is going to be a GrEaT year! I have updated the slideshow at the top of the blog with the pictures from last night. If you click on the rainbow circle at the bottom right corner of the slideshow, it will send you to the Picasa Web Albums site where you can download pictures and order prints.

The first day of Kindergarten will be here before we know it! Have a great weekend, get plenty of rest and I will see you bright and early on Monday morning! :)


  1. Hello Mrs. Kilgore. This is Tasha Griffith, Aiden Youngbloods mom. I'm trying to view the slide show and I'm not seeing it posted above the blog. Is there another way to access the pictures?

  1. Tasha, I had this problem a few times last year as well. Are you using Internet Explorer as your web browser? If so, try downloading Firefox or Chrome. If you are viewing it from a mobile device, it would be a Flash Player issue. Let me know if you can get it working! Ü

  1. I am using my mobile device and I can't get it to work. I don't want to miss out on pictures.

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