The first few days of school have been great! We took pictures with the CES tiger (see pictures above), learned the procedures of the classroom and common areas, and even got to go search for Chester the raccoon today! He left us oatmeal cookies as a treat!

Today, we focused on cutting with scissors.  We talked about the rules and procedures of using scissors and we got to cut out, color and assemble a Chester puppet. (Mrs. Embro and I checked out the cutting skills. We had only a few holding the scissors upside down or crooked!)

Tomorrow, we concentrate on glue rules and procedures as we make a Rainbow Fish! I love the story of the Rainbow Fish.  It is a great book about being a friend in order to make friends. A great lesson for our Cubs!


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  1. Awesome! Love the blog! Thanks for posting the pictures. We heard all about Chester and the oatmeal cookies after school today!

  1. Thanks for the details! Love this!

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