Today was another awesome day in room 124! We learned how to open and close glue! Most of you have a blank look on your face, I know! Glue?! Really?! Yes. We cover everything from scissors to glue to sitting to standing to lining up to throwing away trash. Your child is well trained by the time they leave my classroom! :)

You will notice in the pictures above (in the pictures slideshow) that we have been busy using that glue today! We read The Rainbow Fish and made our own using tiny "bug dots" of glue.  Mrs. Kilgore even shared her own "shimmering scales" with the Cubs.  They LoVeD it!

Since I have a super-smart and speedy class this year, I decided to test letter knowledge since we begin learning (reviewing) letters next week. They worked in table groups to find letters in magazines, cut them out, match them to a page of letters and glue (using our new skills) them. They worked very well in groups!  There are pictures of this activity too! :)

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