WOW.  That is all I can say, WOW.  I LOVE my class! I always love my classes but this group and I have BONDED already! Oh, I have another word...blessed.  Blessed beyond measure.

Parents, you may have noticed that you actually received a paper newsletter today.  That is just to get everyone used to the format so when you see it on the computer screen, it makes more sense.  Here is the newsletter how you will see it from now on...

Maybe I need to make the font bigger next week! :)

We also have a new snack calendar...
We start out curriculum next week so you will see homework start to roll in.  It is fairly simple and covers basic concepts within our reading curriculum.  You WILL have a reader by the end of the school year!


  1. Thank you for sharing your newsletter. I was just hired to be a kinder teacher and have been looking for samples to help me with my own future newsletters.

    Thanks again!!

    Preschool For Rookies

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