Scholastic Book Club orders are due on Tuesday!

WOW.  That is all I can say, WOW.  I LOVE my class! I always love my classes but this group and I have BONDED already! Oh, I have another word...blessed.  Blessed beyond measure.

Parents, you may have noticed that you actually received a paper newsletter today.  That is just to get everyone used to the format so when you see it on the computer screen, it makes more sense.  Here is the newsletter how you will see it from now on...

Maybe I need to make the font bigger next week! :)

We also have a new snack calendar...
We start out curriculum next week so you will see homework start to roll in.  It is fairly simple and covers basic concepts within our reading curriculum.  You WILL have a reader by the end of the school year!

Today, we practiced all of our new skills with scissors and glue!  We made coconut trees based on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Our trees have the letters of our name climbing up the trunk. They are SO cute and the Cubs did a great job ordering the letters of their names.  I only got one picture taken of them.  Yours will come home in a few weeks though! Tomorrow, I will be updating the blog with lesson information for next week. This will be a weekly update to keep you "in the know!"

Since our class schedule is different every day, I am posting my weekly schedule for you (parents) so that you can know what specials we have and what your child is up to during the day! :)

Today was another awesome day in room 124! We learned how to open and close glue! Most of you have a blank look on your face, I know! Glue?! Really?! Yes. We cover everything from scissors to glue to sitting to standing to lining up to throwing away trash. Your child is well trained by the time they leave my classroom! :)

You will notice in the pictures above (in the pictures slideshow) that we have been busy using that glue today! We read The Rainbow Fish and made our own using tiny "bug dots" of glue.  Mrs. Kilgore even shared her own "shimmering scales" with the Cubs.  They LoVeD it!

Since I have a super-smart and speedy class this year, I decided to test letter knowledge since we begin learning (reviewing) letters next week. They worked in table groups to find letters in magazines, cut them out, match them to a page of letters and glue (using our new skills) them. They worked very well in groups!  There are pictures of this activity too! :)

Thanks for sharing your child with me,

The first few days of school have been great! We took pictures with the CES tiger (see pictures above), learned the procedures of the classroom and common areas, and even got to go search for Chester the raccoon today! He left us oatmeal cookies as a treat!

Today, we focused on cutting with scissors.  We talked about the rules and procedures of using scissors and we got to cut out, color and assemble a Chester puppet. (Mrs. Embro and I checked out the cutting skills. We had only a few holding the scissors upside down or crooked!)

Tomorrow, we concentrate on glue rules and procedures as we make a Rainbow Fish! I love the story of the Rainbow Fish.  It is a great book about being a friend in order to make friends. A great lesson for our Cubs!

Today was my 2nd day Back to School and I feel good about the progress Mrs. Embro and I made! Oh, by the way, Mrs. Shelbie Embro is my new Intern...we had the best day together and we are going to work GREAT together!

Back right corner of the room. I have my Meet the Teacher school supply sorting containers ready!

 Back left corner of the room.

My Promethean board *sigh*

My desk area and small group table.

 Picture wall, schedule, job chart, lunch menu

 Going home board, Tuck and Pancake!

It's going to be a GRRRR-eat year!

Wow!  I cannot believe that it is back to school time already! In-service begins tomorrow with breakfast and district meeting.  I am excited to see all of my teacher friends from the different schools!

I have been busy in my classroom the last few weeks I want to share some pictures!  I still have a few stacks (okay, a LOT of stacks) to clean up so I will hopefully be posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  My new intern Shelby and I have a lot to do tomorrow!

Here is what I have been working on:

First of all, let me shout out some LoVe to the reason I do what I do!
I love you Gus & Madeline! Thanks for being so good while Mommy was working!

My outside hallway "Seasonal" board will change as the months do.  This is my "Welcome" board! Pinterest provided me with the idea to add the saying to the welcome letters I already had!  Thanks Sunny Days in Second Grade! (Check out the pin at

 This is my main outside hallway bulletin board.  I always theme this one out to match our school theme.  This year it is "CES Rocks!" Get it? AC DC's album "For those about to rock we salute you"...I changed it to go with Kindergarten!

I am sure that I saw these adorable pointers on a blog, but I cannot remember which one! (If anyone out there is the blogosphere knows, please comment so that I can give credit where it is due!) They are the foam bath letters and I used colored drink stirrers for the sticks. I used the pot my daughter Madeline made me to hold them.

Now, I DO know where I got this binder! A HuGe shout goes out to Mrs. Pollard at Tales of a Teacherista! She made this binder for herself (check it out here) and I absolutely fell in LoVe with it!  I commented on her blog and asked her if she planned to sell it on TpT.  The next thing I knew, the files to print were in my email!  She even customized the cover and spine for me. W.O.W!  I love my bloggy friends!

Another blog/Pinterest idea that I am working on.  I only have 5 of 22 made so far! A little love for my new Kinders when they come and visit me Thursday at Meet the Teacher. ThUrSdAy?! THIS Thursday! Yikes!

 Finally, the latest addition to my classroom...TURTLES!  My first class pet(s).  I am usually apprehensive about having a class pet. I have enough to do without feeding, cleaning and worrying about another living creature.  However, my buddy teacher Nancy must be rubbing off on me. Plus, peer pressure from my AwEsOmE student teacher last year Maegan.  Now, I have 2 turtles!  Meet Tuck (Top right...think Wonderpets) he is a red eared slider and Pancake (bottom left...think he really looks like a pancake from the top view) he is a soft shell turtle.

More updates tomorrow!