This Week
Reading/Language Arts: Letter of the Week: Ff
Sight Words: look & see
Math: Numbers 16-20 / Story Problems
Science: Exploring and Observing the Moon

Next Week
Reading/Language Arts: Letter of the Week:
Sight Words: they, of, you
Math: 3D Shapes

: Exploring and Observing the Moon - Continued

Classroom Notes
If you have not turned in your $3 for the Planetarium Field Trip, please do so by Tuesday. Thanks!

Our student teacher, Mrs. Embro, will return to us this Tuesday and will be with us every day until Spring Break. She will be doing a lot of the teaching activities and planning in the next few weeks.  I will be planning with her and be helping her with her lessons and I have a lot of faith in her teaching abilities! She already loves your children SO much and they love her. I just wanted to make you aware of this change in routine.

Snack Reminder
Monday: no school
Tuesday: Cayson
Wednesday: Chelsey
Thursday: Daltin
Friday: Libby

Dates to Remember
Jan. 24 (new date!) – Planetarium Field Trip – Please send $3 with your child for admission by Tuesday, Jan 17th.
Jan 31 – Math & Science night at CES. Time TBD.
Feb 2 – 100
th Day of School – Start thinking of something your child can collect 100 of!


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