This Week
Reading/Language Arts:
Letter of the Week: Oo - Continued
Sight Words: they, of, you
Math: 3D Shapes - Continued
Science: The Sun and Stars

Next Week
Reading/Language Arts: Letter of the Week: Hh
Sight Words: are, that, do
Math: Review (16-20, 3D Shapes, Story Problems)
Science: The Sun and Stars

Classroom Notes
Please make sure your child is bringing only what they need to school. We are having problems with toys, makeup and jewelry in the classroom. Starting Monday, I am going to take up these items and ask that you come and get them. I have been giving them back at the end of the day and some items keep returning. If your child wears jewelry to school, please speak to them about not removing and playing with the item. If it is played with, I will have to take it up. Thanks for your help in advance!

On February 14th, we will have a Valentines Party. Blake’s mom, Stefanie Holding, will be contacting parents about providing items to help with the party. We will also have a valentine exchange. Please bring a valentine from your child to give to each student in the class. We currently have 20 students. A white lunch sack will be coming home for them to get creative and decorate to use for the valentine exchange.)Please address valentines to “my friend”.  This makes it easier for the students to pass them out.

Snack Reminder
Monday: Luis

Tuesday: Makayla B
Wednesday: Makayla F
Thursday: Michaela

Friday: Seth

Dates to Remember
Jan 31 – Math & Science night at CES from 6-7:30
Feb 2 – 100
th Day of School – Please work on your collection of 100 items! Bring to school on Thursday! 


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