Not only am I cleaning out and organizing my classroom, but I am doing the same with all of my blogs. You may only subscribe to this one, but I now am authoring 4 different blogs. Yesterday, I added, removed and moved around gadgets and posted on all of my blogs. To those faithful readers, do you see the changes that I made on this one?

(Pause for a minute to check it out...)

The right side has a lot less "stuff" and I added a cool Facebook "like" gadget. On the left side, I added a "Follow me on Pinterest" tag and I added pages to my blog. I learned about pages this year (but had little time to add them) and I love the idea of having a few places to add "static" information similar to a webpage. I added the following pages:

  • 2012-2013 Class Information - I plan to use this page for my contact information, class schedule, class list, etc.
  • Professional Biography / Philosophy of Teaching - When I was awarded "Teacher of the Year" on my campus, I had to write both of these essays for the district competition. I worked very hard on them and poured out my heart on soul on those pages. I want to share a little bit of me with you.
  • Commerce ISD - This is a link to the main page of the Commerce ISD website.
I will probably think of more pages, (heck, I have a few ideas brewing already) but this is what I have for now. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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