Not really, I just stopped by today to drop off a few things I worked on at home and MY ROOM IS READY! Look at the SHINE on that floor! No, really...look hard because it won't last too long once I start scooting furniture and walking hundreds of miles around that room until it is PeRfEcT!

My kids were with me and they "allowed" me to move my main pieces of furniture to their homes. Ahhh, that's better!

Now, I have find some days in my calendar when I can bring at MOST only one kid with me to work in my room. 20 minutes together in my classroom and I was going BoNkErS! Why is it that I can control 22 Kindergartners in that classroom but my 8 year old and 4 year old work my last nerve? Maybe my own children need to sit in on my first day of rules and procedures! Ü


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