Hello Cubs! I have had a great summer so far and I pray that you have too! Today, I got to teach some teachers about how we used the iPads in our classroom last year. It was very exciting! However, it made me miss you guys very much!

I taught the workshop with Henry's dad and he mentioned that Henry was wondering how Tuck and Pancake were doing. Well, Henry, this picture is for you! They are both doing great! Be sure and come say "HI" to them at Meet the Teacher night in August.

How are my Cubs? What have you been up to? Please have your parents leave a comment and let me know how you are...I miss you!

(On a side note, I do get to catch up with some of you on occasion and I have some sad news. Our friend Karol is moving and leaving Commerce. We wish her dad the best of luck in his new job at SMU and we will miss her smiling face in the halls of CES!)


  1. Karol & her family are going to miss everyone at CES so much! We visited with Henry's grandmother at church on Sunday & certainly thought about all of the cubs.

  1. Seth wants me to tell you that you are the best teacher! Seth has been playing outside a lot, working in the yard with his dad, jumping on the trampoline, going fishing, playing in the water in our little pool, eating lots of sno-cones and having lots of fun. Seth says "I like it when I am at school in your class! I love you Mrs. Kilgore! Love, Seth" :)

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