On Thursday, December 20th, we watched The Polar Express. I love to hear the kids tell me that they have seen the movie before and that it's going to be the same. Not in Mrs. Kilgore's class!

I start with asking the kids if they have tickets to ride my train...they always have puzzled looks on their faces! They are so excited to get the ticket! When the conductor asks for their tickets to punch them, I pause the movie and punch their tickets with my hole punch! Mrs. Kilgore isn't as handy with a hole punch as the character in the movie, but it works! When the kids settle in and think the fun is over, the conductor asks if "anyone is in need of refreshment" and I say, "well, are you?!" The kids give me that puzzled look again and when the song begins about hot chocolate, I start passing out the cups of cocoa. They love it and I love making the event more than just wearing pajamas to school! When the movie is over, I pass out large jingle bells like in the movie and the tag says, "BELIEVE". They love the fact that they can hear the bell!! However, this year, poor Evan's bell didn't have a ball inside and wouldn't ring. He neighbor said, "Evan doesn't believe in Santa, his bell isn't ringing!!" Hehe!


  1. Evan believes in Santa and was a very good boy this year. So good that Santa delivered a special gift this Christmas! He is also blessed to have great school mates and friends as well as the best teacher.

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